Thursday, September 20, 2012



I get asked a lot if my flapper style baby hat pattern could be made available in larger sizes for adults, well I have finally got around to making this happen. It is available through my Etsy Shop and Ravelry.  Knit in 8 ply and circulars it is a quick knit and you can use your imagination as to how to finish your flower.
I love using vintage buttons but I do offer instructions for adding a knitted centre if that is what you would prefer.

happy knitting!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Approximately 2 x 50 gram balls 8ply (DK, sport weight) yarn
1 pair of 4.00 mm (size 6 US) straight knitting needles
1 circular knitting needle 80 cm long size 4.00 mm (size 6 US)

22.5 stitches per 10 cms

K – knit
K2tog. – knit two stitches together
yrn – yarn around needle (or yarn over needle)
ktbl – knit through the back of the loop (or stitch)

Using straight needles cast on 6 sts.
Row 1 – K1, K2tog, yrn, k2, (yrn x 2) K1 (wrong side)
Row 2 – K3, K2tog, yrn, K3 (ktbl the 2 yrns from previous row)
Row 3 – K1, K2tog, yrn, K5
Row 4 – Cast off 2 sts, K2tog, yrn, K3

Work lace pattern until it measures 156 cms (or desired length of scarf) ending on a row 4 of lace pattern, cast off loosely.

With right side facing work along straight edge of lace and pick up and knit the 1st stitch at the very edge of lace, then knit up the bars between the knots, pick up the very last stitch. Continue working in garter stitch for 28 rows (or desired width of scarf).
Cast off using a stretchy cast off method, block if necessary and sew in any loose ends.

This pattern is for personal use only, the pattern or items made from it are not to be sold.
My knitting blog can be found here.
My Etsy shop can be found here.
where I have these scarves available for sale if you would rather purchase one ready made.