Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Ashley wanted to sell hackey sacks at his school fair and after many attempts at getting the size correct this is the pattern for them. I stuffed them with bear pellets, available from craft shops, you could use beans, rice or wheat. A bit of patience is required with the first few rows, knitting a bit looser than normal helps until all the stitches are increased.

Scraps of 8ply yarn
3mm needles

Using MC, cast on 9sts.
increase into every stitch - 18sts.
Knit 1 row,
inc. into every stitch - 36sts,
Knit 1 row,
*K2, inc. in next stitch, repeat from* to the end - 48sts.
Using C2 knit 8 rows garter stitch (knit every row),
Using MC knit 8 rows garter stitch,
Using C2 knit 8 rows garter stitch.
Using MC *K2, K2together, repeat from * to the end - 36sts.
Knit 1 row,
*K2 tog, repeat from * to the end - 18sts,
Knit 1 row,
*k2 tog, repeat from *to the end - 9sts,
cut a long tail and thread through the remaining 9 stitches and pull tightly, sew hole at the top closed and sew up side seam. Stuff with bear pellets and sew the end, you can vary your choice of colours to suit.

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Anonymous said...

Hi thanks my nephew has asked me to make him a hackey sack so he will be thrilled I found a pattern

Ada said...

Thanks for the pattern, just made one for joey and he loves it!
I used pillow stuffing instead of the bear pellets though

craftybernie said...

What's a hackey sack?

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Great work Sharon! Young J will be thrilled, young S will demand "pink and purple, they're my fayvrits", young V will attempt to grab and slobber on any in her path ;) What a winner!

Anonymous said...

My son asked me to knit him a hackey sack and I looked everywhere for a knit pattern (found lots of crochet patterns but no knitting) before I stumbled on to yours. I just finished my second hackey sack using your pattern - they are perfect and will make nice stocking stuffers!! THANK YOU for so generously sharing your pattern!

Mr. Blinkey said...

This is a really cool hacky-sack that is not crocheted. That is the best way to make them, I believe.

Mr. Blinkey said...

I made one of these, and these are too big to be a hacky sack, but it will probably work if it needed to.

Sharon said...

Mr Blinkey these HAVE to be knitted on 3mm needles (US size 2) or yes they will be too big.

Mr. Blinkey said...

Oh, I used US 3, not 2. We don't have an exact 3mm size here in the US. That makes sense.

Anonymous said...

thank you for this pattern!

Anonymous said...

Is this pattern done on double-pointed needles? I'm somewhat new to knitting and I've been searching for a circle pattern that doesn't require dps. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your pattern with us all.

Is this done in sock/fingering weight yarn? We don't go by ply numbers in the US.

Anonymous, google the magic loop method of knitting. I knit all my socks on a 40" circular size US size 2 needle. I drop double points down the chair or the side of the car seat, so learned this great method of circular knitting with out using double points.

Shonda: said...

This pattern works even better on dpn's. No seaming when you are done and the first few stitches are not so incredibly tight and nearly unworkable.

Paula said...

I found your pattern through Ravelry and will be making these for stocking stuffers this year. Perfect! Thanks so much!

knittingdragonflies said...

These are so cute! Thanks for the pattern ,I'm linking to you!

sweet.bees said...

okay, im so confused!! im trying so hard!! i know how to increase stitches now, but in not sure about the other stuff!! it there any way you can make a video of yourself making this so i can understand it better?

Anonymous said...

Hi I made one and it was too big I was just wondering what kind of yarn you use. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks ! This was soo cool.. it was my first complete project and i did it in only 1 1/2 working hours...! i actually used size 9 needles because i am new and i just choose some decent size needles.. so i just shortened the pattern for a BIG hakey sack!!i also used beans because i dont have anything eles!lol LOVE IT... thanks.