Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Okay here is the amended pattern, it has been test knitted by the lovely Melinda, thank you, your hat is gorgeous!


2 x balls Rowan All Seasons Cotton
set of 3.5mm circular needles
set of 5.5mm circular needles
set of 5.5mm dpns

Using 3.5mm circulars cast on 150, join.
p 1 round, k 1 round (3 times)
p 1 round
*k13, k2tog repeat from * (140 sts)
p 1 round, k 1 round (twice)
p 1 round
k6, *k2tog, k12 rep from * knit any remaining stitches (130 sts)
p 1 round
k 1 round
p 1 round
*k5, k2tog rep from * to last 4 sts (112 sts)
p 1 round
*k2, k2 tog rep from * (84 sts)
p 1 round
Change to 5.5mm needles and knit decreasing 15 sts evenly around (69 sts) and begin lace pattern as follows:

Round 1: k1* yfwd, k2tog, repeat from * to the end of the round.
Round 2: knit.
Round 3: *sl 1, k1, psso, yfwd, rep from * to last stitch, k1.
Round 4: knit.
Continue until lace section measures 9 cms (3 1/2 inches)
p2 tog, purl to last 2 sts p2tog (67sts)
shape as follows in garter stitch as for brim (1 row k, 1 row p) changing to dpns when too few stitches for circulars.

Crown Shaping:
k1, *k4, k2tog, repeat from * to end of round.
purl 1 round.
k1, *k3, k2tog, repeat from * to end of round.
purl 1 round.
k1, *k2, k2tog, repeat from * to end of round.
purl 1 round.
k1, *k1, k2tog, repeat from * to end of round.
purl 1 round.
*k2tog, repeat from * to last stitch, k1.

Cut a long tail of yarn and thread onto a darning needle and thread through all the remaining stitches and pull up tightly as you go. Weave in ends and your hat is ready to wear.

This pattern is for personal use only, the pattern or items made from it are not to be sold.
My knitting blog can be found here.
My Etsy shop can be found here where I have these hats available for sale if you would rather purchase one ready made.


Anonymous said...

Your hat is just the cutiest thing. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern!

All the Best from California, USA

tezsocks.wordpress.com said...

Thanks for sharing...saving your skin from the sun is very important. I recently had to have cancer removed from under my eye. I am a little more cautious and wear sunscreen.

beadntat said...

I can't believe you are sharing this awesome pattern! This is just the kind of hat I need for the summer sun here in the SE USA too. Being a very fair-skinned blue-eyed blonde I try and wear a hat pretty much all the time in the spring and summer. i can't wait to try one of yours. Thanks!!!

Rowan said...

I love this hat and can't wait to finish so I can wear it to the beach, but I'm having a problem with the last set of decreases for the brim.

Starting with 110 stitches, a k3 k2tog would result in 88 on the next round, not 69. And another round of k3 k2tog after that would give you 58. Where does the 69 come from?

Rowan said...

Oops, sorry. I meant a 2nd round of k3 k2tog gives 71 stitches. If the last round of decreases was k3 *k2tog to last 3* k3, that would give 58.

Sharon said...

I have since ammended the pattern, so sorry for the inconvenience. The brim had a mistake also *red faced*

*fingers crossed* that all is okay now but please let me know if you find any other mistakes.

Lynn said...

The last brim decrease row still doesn't work correctly. If you are starting that round with 90 stitches and you *k3 k2tog* around, you end up with 72 stitches not 79. You would also end with a k2tog, not k3.

Sharon said...

Thanks for your patience, it should be okay now **fingers crossed**

shansays said...

Hi Sharon,

It's so cute, and I haven't made a hat in awhile, and it looks like I will pull this off with one skein of kitchen cotton (which I have tons of). Quick question though, I am a loose knitter. Can you give me a gauge to try an get. Thanks,


shansays said...

Never mind it's on Ravelry. I will print up today. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

this fall i'm going to be selling a bunch of knitted things in a fundraiser to help the people in India. i was wondering if i could use some of your hat patterns to make hats for the fundraiser. please leave a comment on my blog and let me know. :)

lilfish said...

Hi, love the hat and am almost done with my first one. I have a pattern question though. Is there any way you could write this part of the instructions:

"knit decreasing 15 sts evenly around (69 sts)"

in this format: "k6, *k2tog, k12 rep from * knit any remaining stitches (130 sts)"?

That would save the math-phobic of us from figuring out how to evenly decrease. ;)
pretty please?

Aubrey said...

Oh my gosh, this is JUST the hat I've been looking for to knit for my daughter and myself. I hope I can tackle it as a new knitter, but I've got the drive and determination to give it a go. I'm so thankful you have it for free. This is so fantastic I can't wait to see my daughter's reaction (she's 7) tomorrow when I show her this picture!

melinda said...

In the lace pattern:
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Continue until lace section measures 9 cms (3 1/2 inches)
p2 tog, purl to last 2 sts p2tog (67sts)
Do you do rounds 1-4 and then p2 tog, purl to last 2 sts p2tog until measures 3 1/2 inches. Or rounds 1-4 until 3 1/2 inches and then after 3 1/2 inches do then p2 tog, purl to last 2 sts p2tog? Thanks Thanks

melinda said...

By the way I'm not the "Melinda" as mentioned, I'm the one left comment on how to knit the lace pattern

Meg said...

I am making the bucket hat, and do not know how to knit p2 tog,purl to last 2 sts p2tog. can you help me. Meg. thank you

lilfish said...

Megan: go watch the YouTube video on how to Purl 2 stitches together http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9K9Q6OwbFzc

you do that and then you purl to the end and then purl 2 together again when you hit the last two stitches.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Very cute airy hat. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this pattern. I knit it flat and seamed it - I'm not comfortable knitting in the round - yet. I am really pleased with how easy it was to knit and how nice it looks. I used a bamboo silk yarn, it's lovely and soft.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can someone tell me the head size this comes out please? Thanks Diane.x

Anonymous said...

That openwork might not work as a full sun protector -- so be aware of that.

Might consider a lining.

jane said...

Can the lady that knit it flat tell me if there were any changes she made in the pattern?? like add a stitch or two on each end or anything like that? Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter... Jane

Nancy Baxter said...

I'm not sure what happened, I followed the pattern exactly. The hat came out as pictured, but even might be a bit small for a child... maybe a toddler size! I used Cottonation by Plymouth Yarn ...gauge on wrapper: 18sts=4" 24 rows=4" using an 8 needle. For the hat I used a 4 circular and then changed to 8 circular for the lace. It looks great, but wayyyy too small. ????? Is 3 1/2 correct for the length of the lace section???

Anonymous said...

I bet this pattern can be changed to flat knitting. What do you think? a lot of people hate double pointed needles and circular needles. They would rather knit with straight needs.